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Don’t know where to start with your construction project? Learn how to build in Bloxburg with these 10 easy steps!

Welcome to the city of Bloxburg, where players can let out their creativity and imagination and bring their dream house to life.

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As exciting as it may seem, building can also be quite a challenging task, just like building structures in real life.

Where do you start? What do you build first, then after, then next?

Without a building workflow to follow, you can waste countless hours and delay the success of your virtual home. Or worse, you end up with a bad or mediocre design.

To ensure that that doesn’t happen, we have come up with this guide to teach you step-by-step how to build in Bloxburg.

Whether you’re a complete beginner with no gamepasses or a seasoned builder, you’ll get a lot of value from this tutorial.

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How to Build in Bloxburg in 10 Easy Steps

To make things way easier and more organized, your building process should be split into two parts – the exterior and interior.

Follow along as we build a Bloxburg house with simple and orderly steps. So go to Build Mode, and let’s start!

Building in Roblox Bloxburg: Exterior

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (2)

Step 1: Layout

Everything starts with efficient and strategic planning. Before you even start to build anything, you must find your plot’s center.

This will allow you to build with more precision and symmetry.

So grab a Plain Marking and draw a large X across all four corners of your plot. Then, draw a line from the center of the x going to the road, and this is your center.

Make sure to build a little far away from the road to leave space for your garden Then, take the same Plain Markings and draw the layout of your house.

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (3)

To make awesome houses, make sure you don’t have a wall that is longer than 5 squares in the front because this leads to plain and boring shapes.

After the outside layout has been decided, designate the different rooms in your house.

If you don’t have the Advanced Placement gamepass, add pillars before walls. After that, you can add walls without mistakes, and you have an efficient layout.

Step 2: Add Roofs

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (4)

First things first, stay away from flat roofs unless you’re going for a modern or contemporary design.

They’re just too boring and make your house look like a box. Gable roofs, Slanting roofs, and Mansard roofs are the most recommended.

But you can always experiment, depending on the theme you’re going for.

The next tip is never to place roofs automatically. Create custom roofing by utilizing the point placement feature by placing T on your keyboard and the rotate option by pressing R.

And to make your roof better than most players, you just need to add a chimney or two. They are simple and often overlooked but can really elevate a house.

Step 3: Pillars, Wall Trims, and Structural Items

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (5)

This step is essential to add more texture and elements to your house’s exterior. Pillars can easily take your exterior to the next level.

Add them to the corners of your house, and it basically enhances everything. But remember, don’t go too far and use too many pillars.

Next is wall trims. Adding crown moldings and baseboards to your exterior will make it more appealing and well-structured.

Match your pillars and wall trims to create a cohesive and professional look.

Next, you need to add openings to your Bloxburg house. Add doors and windows in suitable places and make sure they have complementary designs.

You can also match this with pillars, but try using a different shade of the same base color. Add a bit of variety, and don’t place too many windows.

If you’re an advanced builder, you can create a lot of build hacks with structural items, such as roof decorations, porchways, and beams.

If you’re a serious builder, getting the Advanced Placement gamepass is ideal.

Step 4: Landscaping

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (6)

A nice house with no landscaping is like an island in the middle of a dry sea. Your lawn matters a lot and can be seen by anyone outside.

So, start with a simple pathway that leads to your main door and garage. Try using skewed shapes instead of straight lines to make it more realistic.

Fences can really make a house more desirable. So add a fence that is relative in size to your house and use designs that match it.

Trees and plants are a must for a beautiful landscape. Try using the same trees but rotate them so they still look different. Use different shades of green to make them look more alive and realistic.

You can add fountains, a seating area, gazebos or patios, or even a pond. This is where you start to show off your personality and vibes for a unique home.

Step 5: Decorating the Exterior

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (7)

Now it’s time to make this exterior really your own. Use colors that resonate with your personality, but make sure they complement each other.

You can check out the best color palettes in Bloxburg through our specially curated article.

Start with a base color that will make up most of your house’s exterior. Linen, Fossil, and shades of grey are nice neutral exterior colors.

For the pillars, doors, and windows, institutional white, pearl, and other lighter colors can go well with almost anything.

Experiment with different materials and textures. Go with bricks and wood for a rustic look or plastic and concrete for modern designs.

Only experience can develop a keen eye for beautiful colors.

Add more decorations and details to your garden. You can use planters or add more flowers and bushes.

You can also add stepping stones to your pathways or floating plants if you have a pond.

These small final touches will separate your house’s exterior designs from 90% of other houses and ensure that you don’t have a mediocre design.

Building in Roblox Bloxburg: Interior

Step 1: Interior Doors and Wall Trims

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (8)

Because of our efficient layout and planning, building your house’s interior is now way easier.

Start by adding doors or entrances to different parts of your home.

You can use any door as long as it matches your house’s overall theme. Arched openings are nice as well.

Having the Advanced Placement gamepass allows you to freely resize your doors and openings.

To save more money, you can decide which door you want to use for the house and color it. After that, you can clone it by pressing ctrl+C on your keyboard to save paint cost.

Having the same doors all around the house and incorporating a few arched openings will create cohesiveness and variety at the same time.

Next, add wall trims that match your interior doors, and you’re done with this step.

Step 2: Painting Walls

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (9)

This step decides the majority of your interior’s appearance, so it’s okay to take time here.

You can choose from thousands and thousands of color and texture combinations in the game, and that’s what makes it so beautiful and confusing at the same time.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always check out our best Bloxburg color palettes.

But if you’re tired of the basic wall colors and designs and want to take things further, you can try out wallpapers.

And no, don’t use those default wallpaper materials. Instead, you can put a painting that covers your wall or the area you want the wallpaper in.

Then, go out of Build Mode and make your avatar walk beside the painting.

You have the option to change the image in the painting, and you have a ton of options to choose from in the Free Images section. This will take your house from a 1 to a 10, so try it out.

Step 3: Flooring

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (10)

It can be tempting to just automatically place floors and simply stick with one color and one material throughout the house.

This can work as long as the floor matches your house’s theme. But if you don’t want to be plain and boring, you can try a few hacks.

Ever wondered why those Bloxburg YouTubers have super realistic floors? It’s because of floor layering. Basically, you take a base floor design, say Linen and Wood Planks.

Then, you create another layer of floor on top of that with the same design, creating a unique and more realistic blend between the layers.

You can also use custom checkered designs or whatever your creativity suggests. Remember to use suitable floor designs for your bathroom(s).

Step 4: Interior Design

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (11)

The part that is most popular and many love is decorating the interior.

To create the best interior design, you should be thinking not only of aesthetics but functionality and realism as well.

Avoid extravagant designs that would make your house look unnatural.

Start with the basics such as furniture, TVs, cooking equipment, dining area, and bathroom essentials – basically everything you need to keep your moods up.

After that, think of storage. If you don’t know what to put in random vacant spaces around the house, dressers and bookshelves should be your go-to.

Make sure that all your stuff still looks good and blends well with the house.

Small changes such as changing book colors come a long way in making your house more beautiful.

Plants make a house refreshing and inviting, so sprinkle a few floor plants and table plants around the house, but not too much.

Interior design is where you really let out your creativity and personal touches. So break free from norms and create a house that you’ll love.

Step 5: Lighting

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (12)

For our final step, we have lighting. This can either be the cherry on top of your beautiful creation or the disaster that destroys it.

Lighting can make or break an entire design as it can decide the room’s mood.

If you don’t know where to start, you can never go wrong with White and Linen lighting. Add sufficient lighting to every room and choose the appropriate kind of light.

For rustic builds, vintage lamps and lights are best. Minimalist and sleek lights are best suited for modern themes.

Pendant lighting and chandeliers can also be a statement piece that will really liven up your house.

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Those are 10 steps on how to build in Bloxburg. With these quick and easy-to-follow steps, you can create the perfect Bloxburg house of your dreams.

But skill requires experience. So get out there, start building, get those reps in, and bring your dream virtual home to life.

Feel free to share your design ideas in the comments below. Also, if you’re looking for more design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything in between, check out our Bloxburg section.

GameGrinds is your number-one resource for your Roblox tips, guides, video game codes, music IDs, and more.

So, make sure you bookmark and take a look at our Roblox section.

How to Build in Bloxburg - 10-Step Guide to Your Dream Roblox House | GameGrinds (2024)


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