I Want to Forget That I Hate You - Chapter 9 - ICanSingNoRequiem (2024)

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“Thanks so much for playing along, but I’m gonna wrap this up now before I get stale. I’m your friendly neighborhood Mario Brother.”

He raises his hands and bows,

“Thank you and goodnight!”

Luigi rushes off stage, and the first thing he does is grab Daisy in a hug. “They love me! That was awesome! I was awesome!” he says excitedly.

“Oh no, you’re officially too big for your britches.” Daisy jokes.

“Fine, I take it back.” Luigi concedes. “You tell me instead. How was I up there?”

“If you need to ask anyone, you sucked.” Daisy says cheerfully, as BooHoo comes up behind her.

“Now give the people what they came here to see.”

“After that little thing?” Daisy shakes her head. “No way.”

“What’s the matter, scared I stole your thunder?” Luigi teases.

“You know it, pal.” Daisy jokes back, as BooHoo says to the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get back to why you’re really here. Princess Daisy!”

The audience cheers and applauds, before she begins.

“Okay, for some reason, people think everything that comes out of my mouth is unheard of or just flat out disgusting.”

A murmur of laughter, but Daisy doesn’t stop.

“And I suppose that’s inevitable when you’re me, getting hassled by people who go out to eat because they made a reservation somewhere, you know the type.” Daisy says. “But did you ever wonder why I lean so hard into it? It started with princess lessons. You know, sneaking sips of cactus water, and…you know what? I wasn’t exactly a cutesy little kid. I was a little bitty thing, and I was being really goofy from the water, and--”

People haven’t stopped laughing since she spoke, but she keeps talking.

“So my princess tutor wasn’t too happy either. All the singing and dancing and whining about Princess Peach and her pretty pink palace, and--”

As she keeps talking, Mario finally comes up next to Luigi.

“Well? Did you see it?” Luigi asks excitedly.

“I did.” Mario nods. “You were great.”

I was great? Are you kidding me?” Luigi reaches down to jab him in the belly. “You were great.”

But when he sees Mario’s face isn’t exactly as excited as his, Luigi asks, “What’s wrong?”

Mario shakes his head, “Just a funny coincidence. Apparently at some point while you were on stage, Destiny wandered in here.”

“She what?” Luigi looks at Mario, aghast.

“Yea, she came in and saw--” Mario’s cut off when Luigi starts moving away.

“What did she see?” He demands.

“Who knows?” Mario attempts to lie.

“What. Did she. See?”

“Everything.” Mario finally admits.

“f*ckf*ckf*ckf*ck.” Luigi says under his breath as he grabs his jacket. “She was pissed, wasn’t she?”

“Kinda.” Mario says. “She had a few choice words to say about it.”

“She talked to you?” Luigi asks, shocked again.

“Just for a moment.” Mario says.

“What did she tell you?” Luigi asks as he pulls his jacket on.

“That she was angry.”

“And you?”

“I said you were on the path to superstardom. I also may have told her to f*ck off. Which, let’s be honest, was way better than what I could’ve said.”

“No no no no.” Luigi laments, then turns to leave.

“Weegee, wait!” Mario calls. “Where are you going?”

But he’s already gone.

He makes a dash all the way to the pipe, then all the way back to his apartment, where Destiny’s sitting on the stairs outside.

“I had no idea you were there.” Luigi says, panting.

“Would it matter if you did?” Destiny asks.

“I’m so sorry.” Luigi says, face wild with panic.

“Are you?” Destiny asks.

“That wasn’t fair to you. Not like that.” Luigi says.

Destiny only snuffs out her cigarette, stands up, walks down the stairs, pulls off her ring, and gives it to Luigi.

She kisses his cheek, once, then walks away.

“E poi ha restituito l'anello nuziale e se n'è andata.” Luigi says slowly, as the flashback finally ends.

(And then she gave her wedding ring back and left.)

The New Donker in the audience stands up, eyes wed. “È così triste.”

(It’s so sad.)

“I’m gonna get down from here now.” Luigi says in English, putting the microphone back on the stand, then switching back to Italian for a second.

“Grazie per avermi assecondato.” He says in appreciation, wiping his eyes. “Sono il tuo amichevole fratello di quartiere, Mario.”

(Thanks for humoring me. I’m your friendly neighborhood Mario Brother.)

He explains, “Questo è il mio nome d'arte ufficiale. L'ho scelto pensando di non dover fingere di non stare più con mia moglie, e poi mi è sembrato semplicemente sbagliato cambiarlo di nuovo. Quindi eccolo qui.”

(That’s my official stage name. I chose it thinking I didn’t have to pretend not to be with my wife anymore, and then it just felt wrong to change it again. So there it is.)

Luigi looks down, closes his eyes, then says, “Arrivederci.”, steps down from the stage, and leaves.

I Want to Forget That I Hate You - Chapter 9 - ICanSingNoRequiem (2024)


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