Kyle Walker's wife Annie Kilner dons gym gear after work out (2024)

Annie Kilnerwas spotted leaving the gym in Cheshire on Tuesday,while Lauryn Goodman celebrated her and Kyle Walker's son Kairo's 4th birthday.

The mother-of-four was wearing a plunging black skin-tight top and leggings, teamed with fresh white trainers.

She appeared to have picked up lunch before heading back to her £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon 4x4 to drive home.

Meanwhile, Lauren pulled out all the stops for son Kairo's 4th birthday bash after hiring 14 event planners to lay on personalised cake towers and play pens at Marvel party.

Kairo's father, Kyle, 33, was reportedly missing from his son's birthday amid an ongoing feud with his mother Lauryn.

Annie Kilner was seen leaving the gym in Cheshire on Tuesday, while Lauryn Goodman celebrated her and Kyle Walker's son Kairo's 4th birthday

The mother-of-four was wearing a plunging black skin-tight top and leggings, teamed with fresh white trainers

She appeared to have picked up lunch before heading back to her £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon 4x4 to drive home

The youngster's mother hired a team of 14 event coordinators to ensure he had the most lavish children's party ever in true WAG style.

A sports hall near the Instagram influencer and model's Brighton home was decked out with several soft play areas from Luxe Toddler Play, and an inflatable slide from Ellis Leisure.

Meanwhile, the walls were covered in balloons from Natural Events Company who provide 'on the day co-ordination' for parties and were in charge of 'planning and concept'.

Kairo had a Marvel-themed party, which was bursting with superhero-themed goodies including personalised lollipops from Pop and Bloon with a three-tiered cake and cupcakes bearing the initials KW from Lauren's Cakes.

The mother-of-two hired the Sian Richardson Family for professional photography and videography to capture the luxurious kids' party, with the footage posted on social media.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Lauryn, 31, shared a video of the day and thanked the team of 14 different party planners that came together for the 'planning and concept' of the day.

It comes after Annie reportedly warned Kyle's ex Lauryn Goodman to stay away from the Euros this summer as her attendance may damage England's chances.

Concerns are now increasing that Kyle's performance on the pitch at the forthcoming Euros could be overshadowed by events off it if both Annie and Lauryn attend the tournament in Germany this summer to watch him play.

Annie is expected to be part of the official WAGs group with their four children - Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, Reign, five, and newborn Rezon - to support England footballer Kyle.

Kairo's father, Kyle Walker, 33, was reportedly missing from his son's birthday amid an ongoing feud with his mother Lauryn (pictured on April 25)

Amid the ongoing feud are concerns over whether Lauryn will attend the Euros this summer with her children, with Kyle's wife Annie (pictured 2019) reportedly warning her to stay away

But Lauryn has reportedly told friends that she is also determined to travel with their two children and that Kyle had previously promised their son Kairo he could go because he did not attend the 2022 World Cup .

It is claimed FA bosses are keen to avoid any distractions for the players and Annie, 30, reportedly fears Kyle's chequered love life could hamper England's chances of a triumph in the tournament.

According to The Sun , Annie told a friend: 'Lauryn says she'll go to Germany and, whilst that's her right, I don't understand why she is making it such a public affair.

'Presumably she will post images of her children wearing England shirts with 'Daddy' on the back.

READ MORE -Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner reconcile following the birth of their fourth child as they declare the 'past isn't important' after he fathered two children with Lauryn Goodman

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'It will inevitably create a drama and the noise surrounding it will be an unwelcome distraction for the team.

'England has the best chance of winning a major trophy since 1966 and they don't need this. Kyle is focused on what he needs to do on the pitch and that has never wavered - but the gossip off it affects me and the children.'

A source close to Kyle told MailOnline: 'Kyle has never let anything off the pitch distract his game.

'Once he crosses that white line he is fully focused on playing.

'He is immensely proud to play for Manchester City and for once again making the Euros squad.'

A source close to Lauryn told MailOnline: 'If Annie doesn't wish for it to be a distraction she should stop feeding untruths to the media in a bid to re-write the narrative. She should move on, if that's what she's chosen to do.

'Lauryn is only there to let her children cheer on their dad, as promised, like any child would wish to do. Kairo keeps asking if his daddy will win the trophy, so of course naturally he will supporting him and his country.

'Kyle doesn't let anyone or anything affect his football and that will be the same for the Euros. Kyle wants to make all of his children proud of him.'

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Annie, Kyle and Lauryn for comment.

Last week Kyle slammed his ex-lover Lauryn's 'wild and untrue' claims after she said he had invited her and their children to the Euros.

The full-back for England has denied asking his ex-girlfriend to watch him play in Germany this summer.

A spokesperson for Kyle added that he and his wife want to 'move forward away from any drama'.

Lauryn hired the Sian Richardson Family for professional photography and videography to capture the luxurious kid's party, with the footage posted on social media

Kairo had a Marvel-themed party, which was bursting with superhero-themed goodies including personalised lollipops from Pop and Bloon with a three-tiered cake

Kyle, 33, captained Manchester City in their 1-0 win over Chelsea last week in the FA Cup semi-final in Wembley.

But sources claim he 'categorically did not invite' Lauryn or her family to the Euros.

If she makes an appearance, this could overshadow his playing as his wife, Annie and their four children intend to watch him play.

The Sun reported Lauryn, 33, as telling a friend she is 'determined' for her two children to see their father play this summer.

The Instagram influencer is the mother to Walker's son Kairo, four, and daughter, who is eight-months-old.

She told friends that Walker had previously promised Kairo he could go because he didn't see the 2022 World Cup.

The Sun reported a source as saying he told Lauryn he wants her there and wants 'Kairo there to see me play'.

A spokesperson for Walker told MailOnline: 'Lauryn continues to pursue wild and untrue stories whilst Kyle and Annie attempt to move forward away from any drama.

'All comments are being dealt with privately and through the proper legal channels as the couple do not wish to engage in further public dispute, particularly where children are involved.'

Earlier this month Kyle's wife Annie gave birth to their fourth son - which was announced on the day Kairo turned four.

He was at Annie's side for the birth, although they split up in January when she discovered he was the father of Lauryn's daughter.

Lauryn became pregnant with Kairo when Kyle was on a break from Annie in 2019 but she took him back and they got married in 2021.

However, Lauryn's daughter was conceived in October a year later, when the footballer travelled to London.

The Sun reported a source as saying Walker would message his ex saying 'that win, that celebration was for Kairo'.

He brought his son a World Cup ball and a shirt back from the trip, it was reported.

Kyle admitted he wanted to 'curl up in a ball' after his relationship with Goodman (pictured) came to light in January

The source claimed Walker apologised for Kairo not being there in 2022 and wanted him at the Euros games.

The Sun reported the source as saying Kairo 'idolises' his father and they had a 'wonderful relationship'.

It comes after Lauryn was accused of purposefully fuelling a public spat with Kyle Walker after he reportedly missed his son Kairo's fourth birthday.

Manchester City footballer Kyle, 33, and influencer Lauryn, also 33, recently became embroiled in another war of words after he claimed she issued him with a series of 'unrealistic' demands to ensure the paternity of their second child, a baby daughter, remained secret.

It was claimed on Friday Kyle was absent from son Kairo's celebration, months after television personality Lauryn revealed he was also the father of her 10-month-old daughter.

Married England full back Kyle confirmed he was the father of Lauryn's daughter in January, while his oblivious wife Annie Kilner was heavily pregnant with their fourth child. He had already fathered son Kairo with Lauryn after a short-lived relationship while separated from Annie in 2020.

A source close to Kyle and his wife Annie now insists Lauryn is purposefully fuelling any tension between her and the sportsman in a bid to keep his and the public's focus on her.

The source told MailOnline: 'This is just another way for Lauryn to try and get attention from Kyle and her and that using the children to play out dramas in the media is a new low, even for her.

'They want to protect all the children and wish this public spat would stop so that everyone can focus on their own children and lives.

'The family have been used to harassment from Lauryn, usually on social media, and are now seeing it via these untrue stories sent to the media from Lauryn's camp.'

In response to the claims, a source close to Lauryn told MailOnline: 'Lauryn isn't interested in getting attention off Kyle, she used to ignore him at the best of times.

'Lauryn strongly denies she has ever harassed anyone and her social media is also private. She feels they are stalking and monitoring her again in an attempt to control her. Lauryn chose to end her relationship with Kyle and so she is more than content.'

Kyle was said to have missed the fourth birthday celebration that Lauryn organised for their son Kairo, and has not attended any birthdays for either of the two children he and Lauryn share.

A source told The Sun : 'Kairo had the best day surrounded by all of his friends and family.'

After Kyle previously admitted making 'stupid choices', it is claimed he does not see his children with Lauryn as 'a mistake'.

The source told the publication: 'Kyle has already started to tell his friends that he never called his children mistakes in hope of it getting back to Lauryn.

'He said he didn't mean it and was a poor choice of words and now regrets the fact it's splashed all over the internet for them to read when they are older.

'He knows that Lauryn has not taken it lightly considering he said he would put all of the children above everything and he hasn't done that yet...

'He needs to put all of his children first whether that upsets Annie, his children deserve him to step up and that's something Annie should have to face if she wants to stick by him.'

They added that the children don't deserve to be 'punished' and before Lauryn's daughter was born, their private arrangement with the children worked fine.

A source close to the Kyle and Annie told MailOnline: 'Lauryn was offered the chance for Kairo to meet with Annie, Kyle and their children but this offer was declined by Lauryn as she wanted Kyle to spend time with her and Kairo alone.

'Since then the situation has grown out of control with Lauryn spinning lies constantly which means that everything is now being dealt with via the legal teams.

'Kyle has always and will always provide financially for Lauryn's children.'

Kyle Walker's wife Annie Kilner dons gym gear after work out (2024)


Is Annie Kilner back with Kyle Walker? ›

Kyle Walker moves back in with partner Annie Kilner following birth of couple's fourth child - after Lauryn Goodman affair saw him kicked out. Kyle Walker has moved back in with partner Annie Kilner after the birth of the couple's fourth child, despite an affair with Lauryn Goodman.

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Does Annie Kilner have Instagram? ›

AnnieVKilner (@annievkilner) • Instagram photos and videos.

Are Kyle and Annie back together? ›

' Lauryn had a brief fling with Kyle in 2019 before they had a son the following year called Kairo. He was conceived while Walker was temporarily split from Annie, then his long term girlfriend. In November 2021, Annie and Kyle, who first started dating at school, were back together and got married.

When did Annie Walker leave the Rovers? ›

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Does Kyle Walker have a tattoo? ›

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What Academy did Walker play for? ›

Academy days

The full-back joined Sheffield United's academy at the age of seven and spent 11 years in the youth system before eventually making his professional debut in January 2009.

Did Chloe and Lauryn Goodman fall out? ›

While Lauryn prepared to raise her child as a single mother, she was supported by Chloe and Grant. A source told The Sun: 'Lauryn and Chloe had a bad fall out last year and unfollowed each other then. They haven't made up since and still haven't reconnected on social media. It's really sad as they were so close.

Who is the father of Lauryn Goodman's baby? ›

Following weeks of speculation, Kyle has now confirmed he is Lauryn's only baby daddy and father to both of her young children.

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MODEL Lauryn Goodman first shot to fame when her little sister Chloe became a reality star on MTV's Ex On The Beach. Since then she has become a mum twice over amid criticism over her relationship with Manchester City star Kyle Walker.

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