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The MusiBaby Portable Speaker M68 is a unique and versatile Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for outdoor activities. With its compact size of 4.9*2.9 inches, this portable speaker is easy to carry around and can be used in various settings such as the shower, pool, beach, or even in the rain. The MusiBaby M68 produces dynamic sound with rich bass, mids, and highs, making it feel like a live concert experience. The speaker is also designed with true 360° Stereo Sound and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which allows users to connect two speakers together and play at the same time. The speaker is splash, rain, and gentle spray resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

This user manual provides detailed instructions on how to pair the MusiBaby M68 with other devices and how to connect it to a phone or tablet. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions about charging, pairing, and increasing volume. The manual also comes with a video that demonstrates how to use the MusiBaby M68. Overall, the MusiBaby Portable Speaker M68 is an excellent choice for those who want a portable speaker that can produce high-quality sound and withstand various outdoor conditions.

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Musibaby Speaker: M68 User Manual & Pairing Instructions (2)

MusiBaby Portable Speaker M68

Musibaby Speaker: M68 User Manual & Pairing Instructions (3)

MusiBaby Portable Speaker M68


  • BRAND: MusiBa-by
  • COLOR: Black
  • SPEAKER TYPE: Outdoor
  • SPEAKER SIZE: 12.3 Centimetres
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 2.91 x 2.91 x 4.84 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 12.3 ounces
  • BATTERIES: 1 Lithium Polymer battery


Bluetooth speakers that are only 4.9*2.9 in size and are intended to be used as a portable speakers. With 1500 minutes of gameplay, there’s plenty of time for any outdoor activity. Outdoor speakers with a unique design. This pair of portable Bluetooth speakers would make excellent Valentine’s Day presents for him. The speaker produces rich bass, mids, and highs, as well as dynamic sound. It sounds just like a live concert when played at full volume. You will like MusiBaby’s true 360° Stereo Sound speakers and Bluetooth wireless. It must be a good choice to be valentine’s day gifts for him or her. If you connect two speakers together, they’ll play at the same time! When the two wireless Bluetooth speakers are turned on for the first time, they will automatically connect to each other before connecting to any other Bluetooth device. Either of the two Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, may function admirably on their own. One Bluetooth speaker is also fantastic!

The MusiBaby portable Bluetooth speaker is splash, rain, and gentle spray resistant, making it suitable for use in the shower, at the pool or beach, and even in the rain. Do not submerge this Bluetooth speaker in water. This shower speaker is also a waterproof Bluetooth speaker! Valentine’s Day presents for him are also possible! Under severe situations, the Bluetooth speaker may connect normally and the signal is not disrupted. With Bluetooth 5.0, the antenna design allows for a wider wireless range of 100 feet and a more efficient connection to any Bluetooth device. It can instantly connect to a laptop, phone, MP3, iPhone, iPad, computer, and television. The 3.5mm audio cable allows it to connect to non-Bluetooth devices as well.


  • 1*Bluetooth speaker
  • 1*charging line
  • 1*3.5mm audio line (Adapter Not Included)
  • 1*hanging line, 1*user manual


Turn on the speaker and hold down the Bluetooth button on the device for several seconds. Your Bluetooth speaker will enter pairing mode and become discoverable to other devices when you push the button.


  • From the top of the screen, swipe down.
  • Hold Bluetooth in your hand.
  • Pair a new device by tapping it. Check under “Available devices” or press More if you don’t see Pair new device. Refresh.
  • Select the Bluetooth device you want to associate with your device by tapping its name.
  • Any on-screen directions should be followed.


  • On your device, go for the Settings app and choose it.
  • Scroll down to Bluetooth or the Bluetooth icon and choose it.
  • Toggle Bluetooth to the on position.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for a MusiBaby speaker to charge?
    The process of recharging is simple and painless. When the Micro USB cord is plugged in, the battery will charge from zero to full in roughly two hours. The MusiBaby Portable Speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0, the most recent version of the Bluetooth protocol.
  • What’s the deal with my phone not being able to find my Bluetooth speaker?
    If your Bluetooth devices won’t pair, it’s probably because they’re out of range or not in pairing mode. Try rebooting your devices or having your phone or tablet “forget” the connection if you’re encountering persistent Bluetooth connection issues.
  • Why isn’t my Bluetooth pairing working?
    To reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth on an Android phone, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth. To unpair all of your devices on iOS and iPadOS, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the info icon, then select Forget This Device for each device, then restart your phone or tablet.
  • What is the procedure for increasing the volume on my MusiBaby speaker?
    Long pressing the ” + ” button adjusts the level to make it louder, according to the MusiBaby Team.
  • What should I do to make my iPad recognize my Bluetooth speaker?
    Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPad, turn on Bluetooth, and then hit the device’s name.
  • Why is my phone’s Bluetooth flashing?
    They’re in the process of pairing or discovering each other. This indicates that your headphones are searching for a new Bluetooth device to pair with. When headphones are in pairing mode, they may attempt but fail to connect with another device. They’re having trouble pairing and are blinking red and blue to let you know.
  • Is it possible to listen to music on my Bluetooth speaker while charging?
    Yes. It is possible to use your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging without causing damage to the battery. If you’re going to use the speaker for the first time, charge it to full capacity while it’s turned off so you can test the battery life.
  • When my jam speaker is fully charged, how can I know?
    The charging takes roughly four hours*1 and the indicator turns off when it’s done. The built-in lithium-ion battery is fully charged if the CHARGE indication remains off when the speaker is turned off and connected to an AC outlet.
  • Are the speakers from Musibaby any good?
    The Musibaby M68 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market today since it’s inexpensive, has good sound quality, and a variety of connectivity choices.
  • Why can’t I hear anything with my Bluetooth speaker?
    Make sure your computer’s volume isn’t set to mute. Close the audio player app and reopen it. Turn your computer’s Bluetooth® feature off and then back on again. Remove the speaker from your list of associated Bluetooth devices, then reconnect it.
  • What is the battery life of the MusiBaby M68 speaker?
    The MusiBaby M68 speaker has a battery life of 1500 minutes.
  • How long does it take to charge the MusiBaby M68 speaker?
    The MusiBaby M68 speaker takes approximately two hours to charge from zero to full.


Musibaby Speaker: M68 User Manual & Pairing Instructions (4)

MusiBaby Portable Speaker M68

Musibaby Speaker: M68 User Manual & Pairing Instructions (5)


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Musibaby Speaker: M68 User Manual & Pairing Instructions (2024)


How to pair MusiBaby m68? ›

The correct method is as below: 1) Turn off the Bluetooth function of your phone or bluetooth device first. 2) Then turn on two speakers at the same time. 4) Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone or bluetooth device, you will find only one Bluetooth named “MusiBaby M68” , Click connect will be OK.

How do I know if my MusiBaby speaker is charging? ›

Yes it does, when you plug it up a red light comes on, and then when it's done charging the light is gone. Also, when you turn it on to use it, it's a blue light!

Why is my phone not connecting to my speaker? ›

If your Bluetooth devices won't connect, it's likely because the devices are out of range, or aren't in pairing mode. If you're having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet "forget" the connection. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

How do I reset a Bluetooth speaker? ›

Locate the reset button or buttons and press and hold it for a few seconds. The duration may vary depending on the brand and model of your Bluetoothspeaker, but around 10 seconds is typically sufficient. Keep in mind that you may need to use a pin or a small tool to press the reset button if it is recessed.

Should Bluetooth speaker be on or off when charging? ›

Therefore, it is recommended that you turn off the speaker when charging.

How long does it take for a Bluetooth speaker to fully charge? ›

For instance, if your Bluetooth speaker has a 2000 mA capacity and your charger has an 2100 mAh output, it will take around an hour to charge it. If you try to charge it by connecting it to a computer's USB port, which typically provide 500 mAh output, it will take about four hours.

Is my speaker fully charged? ›

Every Bluetooth speaker has a power indicator which turns to Blue or Green once the speaker is fully charged. Also, the music play without any break in voice if the device is fully charged.

What is the M button on a Bluetooth speaker? ›

M(ode) Button

Use this button to toggle between Bluetooth/AUX modes. When using wired connection for multiple speakers, press and hold this button to synchronize sound. Note: When playing music from a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth mode is always given priority.

What is a spark speaker? ›

Spark GO is an ultra portable smart guitar amplifier and Bluetooth speaker that features advanced acoustics and computational audio – delivering room-filling sound. Spark GO also features seamless integration with the Spark app, a built-in audio interface, rechargeable battery, and a headphone/line out port.

What is a Bluetooth party speaker? ›

They're only larger and heavier, so they can produce a louder and more powerful sound. Party speakers often come with built-in light shows. This way, you can create extra ambiance during your party. It's possible to stream music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. View all party speakers.

How do I pair my Bluetooth receiver? ›

Turn on Bluetooth from your device. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your receiver's remote for at least 3 seconds to enter Pairing mode. Select your unit when its name appears in the list of devices displayed on the screen of the Bluetooth device.

How do I pair my Bluetooth speakers together? ›

If your smartphone, tablet, or computer offers a Dual Audio or Multipoint feature:
  1. Ensure your device supports Dual Audio - check the specs for confirmation.
  2. Turn on the two speakers and enter pairing mode.
  3. On your device, enable Dual Audio in the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Connect both speakers to the device.
Mar 6, 2024


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