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As the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education, PowerSchool provides all the solutions that Alabama schools and districts need to empower your educators, administrators, and families to help students learn in a way that’s right for them.

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As PowerSchool has grown, it has taken several tools and compressed them into one platform. In our high-tech world, teachers get overwhelmed with the tools of teaching. PowerSchool allows teachers to see many facets of their students as a learner all in one place. Also, I am pretty sure PowerSchool is not done growing.

Melissa Knowles Secondary Instructional Technology Specialist
Fort Payne City Schools

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Save Up to 40 Minutes with Higher Quality Teacher Evaluations

Serving 20,000 students (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) near Birmingham, AL, Shelby County Schools took the opportunity in 2016 to redesign their teacher evaluation model. They had state guidelines to follow, but they had the freedom to build a process that could better serve their teachers, principals, and staff.

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PowerSchool MTSS

PowerSchool MTSS supports all the requirements set forth in the Alabama Literacy Act.

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PowerSchool SIS

Use flexible, innovative, and easy-to-use technology to power your school or district operations.

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Attendance Intervention

The all-in-one solution for boosting attendance in Alabama Schools and improving communication between school and home

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Alabama Success Stories

Alabama State Department of Education Montgomery, AL St. Clair County Schools Ashville, AL Jefferson Co. Schools Birmingham, AL Chickasaw City School Chickasaw, AL Marshall Co. Schools Guntersville, AL Alabama State Department of Education Montgomery, AL

Alabama State Department of Education

Montgomery, AL

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Alabama users readily embraced the enhanced user interface, with the quick search and favorites features emerging as the most highly regarded additions that districts have eagerly adopted. The districts have conveyed their satisfaction with the enhanced system’s user-friendliness, which even less tech-savvy individuals find intuitive. The streamlined, natural workflows, requiring fewer page clicks, have contributed to a seamless and successful transition for our statewide users.

Stacy Royster Program Coordinator for the Statewide Student Information System
Alabama State Department of Education

St. Clair County Schools

Ashville, AL

PowerSchool in Alabama (14)

We moved to online enrollment a few years ago and I would not change it for anything. It has greatly increased the accuracy of our data and helped increase efficiency in each of my school’s offices.

Mitch Miller Data Analyst
St. Clair County Schools

Jefferson Co. Schools

Birmingham, AL

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The ability to connect resources through [PowerSchool] Schoology groups has been a powerful tool in district-wide collaboration, leading to enhanced student outcomes.

Charlsie Wigley Instructional Coach
Jefferson Co. Schools

Chickasaw City School

Chickasaw, AL

PowerSchool in Alabama (16)

PowerSchool has been an incredible resource in our district due to its open adaptability. Having the ability to build and install plugins has been tremendous for us as we integrate with new technologies and partners. PowerSchool has also allowed us the ability to view and analyze student data like never before. These capabilities allow our district to target students early on for intervention and other resources before they fall behind.

Juwan Withers Technology Director
Chickasaw City School

Marshall Co. Schools

Guntersville, AL

PowerSchool in Alabama (17)

When we returned to in-person learning in 2020, [PowerSchool] Schoology was our go-to learning system. I was a skeptic because I already knew how to use another learning system and didn‘t need to learn a new one. After figuring everything out, I was impressed with what I could do with Schoology. There are plenty of tools and options that I am able to use to make my life easier. In turn, it has also been helpful to better serve my students and their educational needs. I‘m hooked!

Katie Tinner Classroom Teacher (6th Grade ELA)
Marshall Co. Schools

Alabama State Department of Education

Montgomery, AL

PowerSchool in Alabama (18)

PowerSchool is a gamechanger in terms of educational support and data. Providing support to districts throughout the state of Alabama has shown me how customizable PowerSchool truly is. The ability to create reports and import/export data is unmatched. The ability to use standards within PowerTeacher Pro and provide schools and districts with mastery data is going to increase student success across the board. I used PowerSchool as a school counselor and then transitioned into my current role as a support for districts in Alabama. I have personal user experience; and I have had the unique experience of visiting multiple districts in our state to see how each school is using PowerSchool to benefit their own needs.

Kendall Tankersley ALSDE PowerSchool Coach
Alabama State Department of Education

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Naviance for Alabama Educators: Integrate with SIS and Schoology Learning

Join this on-demand and in-depth discussion on the advantages of integrating our CCLR solution with PowerSchool SIS and Schoology Learning.

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Guide to Effective MTSS Interventions

Multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) programs can effectively support students’ comprehensive needs. In this guide, learn best practices and strategies for implementing MTSS interventions.

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5 Ways Districts Support Teacher Retention Using Technology

Teacher retention continues to top the priority list for many K-12 HR teams. As the national teacher shortage continues, and the demand for student academic and social and emotional support grows, quality teachers are needed more than ever.

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How AI Will Build Data-Driven Cultures in K-12 Schools

AI will transform analytics in K-12 education. This blog provides a few examples.

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Upcoming Education Events in Alabama

Check out resources, links, and opportunities for Alabama educators and administrators to connect with PowerSchool executives and experts.

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2023 Education Focus Report

What does the future of education look like? Hear from educators about personalized learning, the impacts of AI, and using student data to transform the learning experience.

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PowerSchool Selected by Alabama State Department of Education for Statewide Student Information System

PowerSchool, was selected by the Alabama State Department of Education to provide PowerSchool SIS for 750,000 students at public schools and districts throughout the state.

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Morae Classical Schools Selects PowerSchool Solutions to Facilitate Blended Learning

New private Christian school network integrates unified suite of PowerSchool solutions to support its blended learning and student enrollment needs

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PowerSchool in Alabama (2024)


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