10 Spiritual Meanings of Horse (Symbolism) (2024)

Would you love a bit more freedom in your life? Or, are you on the path to self-development? If yes, you might benefit from reaching out to your horse spirit animal. But before that, you must enlighten yourself on what horses mean spiritually. Fortunately, you’re at the right place!

Power and speed – many of us think of these two terms when it comes to horse spiritual meanings. But are these the only things horses spiritually mean? You’d be surprised to learn about 8 more horse spiritual meanings in this post. Here are the 10 horse spiritual meanings. Let’s begin!

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Spiritual Meanings of Horse

1. Power and speed:

Whenever you encounter a horse, it is related to your power and energy. Horses spiritually symbolize power and speed. You might have heard of the term ‘HorsePower (hp)’. After all, not every unit of power is termed after animals, is it?

While humans are capable of around 5 horsepower at maximum, horses can produce around 15 horsepower. What’s more, Celtic lores also praise horses for their strength, power, and courage.

Horses are famous for their stamina. From intense activities such as racing to other recreational activities, horses work a lot. Therefore, horse spirit animals tell you to use your power to achieve the things you desire in life. Do the work you have to do with full effort and optimism.

Moreover, the spiritual meaning of brown horse is associated with your authority and power over others. Horse spirit animal brings out the bold trait in humans.

2. Focus and determination:

If you’ve witnessed a horse training for a race with instance focus and determination, you’d be convinced why horse emblems are associated with these traits. Horse spirit animals urge us to focus our energies on the bigger picture in life.

They guide you not to waste your precious time and effort on trivial people and situations in life and be determined towards that one goal you have been vying for since long. They teach you to be focused on your primary goal and not to be threatened or distracted by the obstacles on the way.

While horses spirit animals preach freedom, they don’t necessarily mean that you shall be wild and run in different directions. Especially if you dream of a horse carriage, it is a sign for you to walk on the right path in your life and focus on your carrier.

3. Travel:

With the out worldly speed and strength, horses can reach their destination in minutes. In fact, it is evident that these creatures were traditionally used as a medium of transportation, taking humans to places.

While saying travel, it doesn’t always have to be physically crossing communities and countries. It can simply mean broadening your horizon. Or, traveling with a big bright smile and a never giving up attitude towards your goals.

Horse spirit animal guides us towards the known and unknown paths of our lives. They urge us to broaden our mindset and to come out of our comfort box and see and experience this beautiful world we are gifted with.

4. Freedom:

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If you’re a horseback riding enthusiast, nobody knows it more than you; the feeling of freedom and independence when you’re riding is out worldly, isn’t it? If left unbridled and untamed, a horse’s boundary is limitless as long as it doesn’t hit a sea or an ocean.

If you encounter a horse or dream of one, it most probably means that you’d like a bit more freedom and independence in your waking life. To be more precise, if the dream was about a flying horse, it is definitely associated with liberty and freedom.

Horses urge us to live our lives fully and make our hearts and souls happy So, if someone is interfering in your life and decisions too much, confront them that you’re in charge of your life and nobody else.

5. Beauty and purity:

If you think that horses are stunning, we second it! While both the dark and white horses are ethereally beautiful, white horses are believed to symbolize beauty and purity spiritually. No wonder unicorns, mythological ponies with one horn, are symbolized for magic, love, and purity.

Horses urge us to search for positivity and light in difficult scenarios in life. They teach us that no matter what, one should never give up on their dream. Horse spirit animal reminds us that life is beautiful, and we’re the lucky chosen ones who get to exist today.

6. Progress and self-development:

‘A dark horse’ – this term is given to those who in competition hasn’t had enough limelight in the beginning, but they’ve progressed and now have what it takes to win it all.

Equines are so fast that they are often in a race with the wind to move forward. This motion of horses is associated with forwarding movements towards progress. Horses can symbolize breakthroughs in your career or life.

Also, horses in the past have often been used as a medium of transportation, taking people to places they desire. Therefore, horses are believed to be the spiritual guide for your pursuits towards the better version of yourselves.

7. Bravery:

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The more horses a clan possessed, the more powerful they were deemed in ancient times. Horses were taken to battlefields.

In Ancient Egypt, horses were associated with courage, confidence, and victory. Likewise, Chinese cultures also depict horses as brave and mighty and, at the same time, faithful and upright.

Horses also brilliantly train to tackle obstacles in recreational activities. They know whether to jump or to keep running or to stop. Likewise, horse spirit animals remind you that you’re brave enough to get through your life difficulties.

8. Romantic love and sexuality:

In many cultures, given their strength and stamina, equines are associated with sexual prowess. Horses do symbolize a blossoming love or a relationship, but they can also indicate your desire for sexual satisfaction.

In the spiritual realm, dreams about wild horses can be associated with a sexual encounter in affairs.

In contrast, dark horses spiritually mean something different. While in some cultures, these are symbolized for flourishing love, wealth, and abundance, dark horses symbolize unrequited and dissatisfactory relationships in most cultures.

9. Divinity and victory against the evil:

In many cultures, horses are celebrated as divine and messengers to angels and Gods. If you Native Americans believe horses to be messengers of God. In Japanese cultures, Gods are believed to ride divine horses to Earth. Likewise, in Buddhism legends, horses are mentioned to be the carrier of holy texts.

In Celtic legends, the goddesses of death and the afterlife, Rhiannon and Epona, were associated with horses. Horses are depicted to be the divine carriers between our material world and supernatural worlds.

Similarly, horses are also celebrated as the conqueror of evils in many cultures. In the Chinese zodiac, equines are believed to be courageous divine beings who stand up to evil and eliminate immortality. Horses are depicted as supernatural beings with powers such as flying.

Therefore, horse spirit animals remind us of our special powers. They tell us that if we put our heart and mind into it, we can triumph against any evil and get rid of any obstacles in life.

10. Life and death:

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In Celtic culture, the mystical horse character Pooka is depicted to take lost travelers to death. Likewise, horses were symbolized for life, death, and rebirth in many Slavic cultures.

Moreover, in The Book of Revelation, two of the four horses the horsem*n rode, to be precise, the third green horse and the fourth grey horse, also called a pale horse, symbolized famine and death. These horsem*n were believed to usher catastrophe at a specific time signaling the end of the time.

Likewise, while being praised for their strength, power, and royalty in Christianity, black horses are also held responsible for deaths and destructions.

Contrary to popular belief, the white horses’ biblical symbolism is any saint either. In fact, the biblical meaning of both dark and white horses is associated with death.

Interestingly, when the symbolism of both these colored horses is combined, the Bible associates the combination with life and death.

Having said that, white horses are also perceived as holy, and Christ is believed to ride back to the Earth in order to restore justice, peace, and prosperity in a white horse.

Moreover, white horses are also believed to symbolize resurrection. In Hindu mythology, a white horse named Devadutta is believed to be the ride of Lord Vishnu’s final incarnation, Kalki.


In a nutshell, horses represent sexual prowess, romantic love, divinity, power, speed, focus, determination, victory, freedom, travel, life, and death. We hope we were able to answer all of your queries regarding horse spiritual meanings via this post.

If you have any more queries regarding horse symbolism, horse spirit animal, horse power animal, horse totem animal, or dream scenarios relating to horses, we’d be more than happy to interact with you.

And, in case you have any suggestions or information to share with us, feel free to do so. We’re all learners here!

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10 Spiritual Meanings of Horse (Symbolism) (5)

10 Spiritual Meanings of Horse (Symbolism) (2024)


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