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Looking for inspiration to build your next Bloxburg masterpiece? This page is packed with creative Bloxburg house layout ideas from the community to help you bring your vision to life. Whether you’re dreaming up a cozy cottage, a modern mansion or something completely unique discover the perfect layout for your dream home.

Each layout comes with detailed floorplans and inspiring room ideas to help you visualise the flow and functionality of your house allowing you to get creative with furniture placement, decorative touches, and unique architectural features. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a beginner you can build with confidence using the easy-to-follow video tutorials from the top Bloxburg creators for endless inspiration. In addition I’ve provided a checklist of features to consider based on the style of home if you want to modify the designs or create your own unique variation from those featured here. This curated list of Bloxburg house ideas draws from my hundreds of hours spent crafting many different styles of homes in the game.

Table of Contents:
How to Build in Bloxburg
Mansion Ideas
Modern Mansion Ideas
Modern House Ideas
Family House Ideas
Hotel Ideas
Suburban House Ideas
Beach House Ideas
Small Starter House Ideas

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How To Build A House In Bloxburg (House Tutorial)

Building the perfect house in Bloxburg is an important step as this is where you’ll live for the hours and hours of gameplay ahead. While you do start with a starter house plot of 900 units (30×30) you can eventually reach a massive 2,500 units with the Large Plot gamepass. Other gamepass upgrades also unlock the ability for players to build on the second floor or basem*nt levels that can expand your building options beyond just the first floor.

The recommended process of building in Bloxburg will save you time, money and Blockbux:

  • Ensure you have an empty plot of land to build on, if you don’t have one currently you’ll need to purchase one or demolish a current home you have built.
  • Determine the type of house and theme of your build using this page of Bloxburg house layouts designs, YouTube, friends, reddit, Pinterest and even real estate websites. in particular is also a great website to use for Bloxburg builds as all house designs have floorplans included to use as a guide. For your first house starting with something you are familiar with (like your own house) is likely to give the best building result.
  • Enter build mode (letterbox at the front of your plot) and start laying the boundary foundations of your house including the individual rooms and then build all of the walls.
  • While still in build mode you’ll want to build the floor space of the rooms you’ve created.
  • At this point adding cosmetic build features such as wall pillars, trim and stairs are recommended as you slowly build inwards.
  • Next place all the doors and frames throughout your house and use the paint tool as necessary to change the colour of these to suit your style. Following this players can build windows for your new home on the outside facing walls.
  • With the interior properly laid out and some outdoor cosmetics it is now time to place the roof on your house design.
  • Finish off your design by adding furniture from the various categories one room at a time. Starting with larger items like appliances, beds, cabinets and plumbing before smaller decorations, comfort and electronics in the decorate category.

Best Bloxburg House Ideas and House Layout

Below is a curated list of house ideas and layout options based on my experience that allow you to create cute Bloxburg houses and ultimately make one of the best Bloxburg homes possible for your budget. This list includes both 1 story and 2 story ideas for your house builds although as noted above you require an upgrade pass to build outside of the standard first floor level.

Bloxburg Mansion Ideas

One of the most popular ideas for the community when they are considering things to build in Bloxburg is the mansion layout. This is likely because we all dream of having a mansion in real life and the sheer size of the build is a goal for many players. You can expect to be saving up some serious in game funds in order to complete a Bloxburg mansion layout though and my favourite mansions and manors in Bloxburg are:

When building a mansion in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • A large number of rooms that often have their own bathrooms for guests to use.
  • Large dining and formal areas where you could host a ball, wedding or other event.
  • A grand staircase leading up to the house and into the higher floor levels if you have them available.
  • Various extra rooms such as a library and fireplace or kitchen quarters for your own private chef.
  • Expansive driveways and front gardens before reaching the house that has a large straight frontage.
  • Multiple stories with large symmetrical windows with peaked roofs that also have windows.
  • Historical colours and materials with heavy use of stone building materials.

Bloxburg Modern Mansion Ideas

Separate to the traditional mansion designs the modern mansion is the multi million dollar home that celebrities and influencers often call home in the real world. If you don’t enjoy the traditional style noted above then this sub category of the mansion is likely more to your aesthetic tastes. Designing the Bloxburg house layout of a modern mansion and building it is one of the more difficult endeavours you can undertake although your favourite celebrity house tour (if available on YouTube) can help with idea generation. My favourite modern mansions in Bloxburg are:

When building a modern mansion in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Large amounts of marble, concrete and glass with large viewing windows across multiple floors.
  • At least one full sized swimming pool with a perfect entertaining area next to it.
  • Minimal garden with emphasis on lawn areas and high trees.
  • Underground garage with the driveaway being less of a visual focus compared to traditional mansions if players have the appropriate gamepass.
  • Sizeable bathrooms that feature huge shower and bath areas and often combined with outdoor views.

Bloxburg Modern House Ideas

Having a beautiful modern house is another dream of many in real life although significantly more achievable than a full mansion. Designing a modern house is one of the easiest Bloxburg homes to generate ideas for given the abundance of online content you can leverage such as choosing a new development near your own home location on your countries applicable real estate website (e.g. Zillow). Modern houses offer a good balance between design and cost for new players and are likely to be the most aesthetically pleasing option for many. My favourite modern houses in Bloxburg are:

When building a modern house in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Unique layouts that don’t stick to strictly block shaped building design but do feature flat roof designs.
  • Minimalist design and colour palette with mixtures of neutral colours, glass and concrete.
  • Wide range of lighting options inside and outside that make your home extremely well lit. This can be assisted by large windows to bring light into the double height roof areas.
  • Large open spaces especially between kitchen, dining and entertaining areas.
  • Simple furniture and technology that blends in seamlessly with the broader house design.
  • An over the top and borderline excessive personal bathroom next to the main Bloxburg bedroom as your ensuite.
  • Build an outdoor space or courtyard that feels connected to the outdoors with multiple points of access through large doorways.

Bloxburg Family House Ideas

Building a family house is one of the best initial Bloxburg house ideas to consider given it is likely a familiar design and allows you to copy your current family house layout where you can make the minor or major changes you’ve always wanted. Family house building also fits perfectly into the role playing life simulation concept with many players treating the game as if they have their own virtual family. My favourite family houses in Bloxburg are:

When building a family house in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Multiple bedrooms with one master bedroom that has an ensuite bathroom. Utilise common family home bedroom, bathroom and garage combinations such as 4/2/2 and 3/2/1.
  • Create areas of separation with multiple living areas for both adults and children in your house layout.
  • Ensure you include a large amount of storage for all the toys and equipment that a growing family acquires over time.
  • Design for a large yard with a fenced area for kids and pets to play safely outside.

Bloxburg Hotel Ideas

While intended for house building there are many other things to build in Bloxburg and for some in the community this means their own hotel designs. While vastly different from the other traditional Bloxburg house ideas you do have all the necessary tools to make your hotel building dream come true although you’ll need a budget that rivals that of mansion builds. Ideally you will also have the ability to build over multiple floors although if not you can opt to make a small bed and breakfast 1 story hotel instead. Players will also need to decide if they want to offer a 5 star luxury stay or a budget option. My favourite hotels in Bloxburg are:

When building a hotel in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Multiple identical rooms that have all the necessary amenities to be self sufficient such as a small kitchen area and bathroom.
  • A general lobby area where you can have a reception desk for hotel visitors to check into your luxury or budget hotel.
  • Appropriate car parking areas for any guests to leave their cars which could include underground options if you have the basem*nt pass available.
  • Impressively maintained gardens and a pool area where visitors can relax and meet other guests.
  • Fitness centres and restaurants for luxury guests to spend their time and money. This may include playgrounds or day care centres for children.

Bloxburg Suburban House Ideas

Suburban houses likely form the bulk of player builds in Bloxburg with suburban homes easy to build and familiar to most players given their usage is pop culture, TV shows and movies. Suburban houses are also one of the most diverse Bloxburg house ideas you’ll encounter as there are many different designs, tastes and budgets with this build type. My favourite suburban houses in Bloxburg are:

When building a suburban house in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • An expansive but basic front yard that features a large lawn area, a small number of trees, driveway and path access.
  • Front yard fencing and a front porch area with deck chair furniture for relaxing.
  • A large front door with glass elements that opens into living and dining areas.
  • Kitchen areas nearby the living and entertaining rooms but not as open plan compared to the modern builds featured above.
  • An outdoor and deck area with a grass backyard area.

Bloxburg Beach House Ideas

While Bloxburg has a town based aesthetic to your surroundings that hasn’t stopped some players creating a dream beach house (or lake house) with their money and offers something different to the core Bloxburg house ideas. Using some unique tricks with the available build and decorate tools you can create that beachside holiday home. With the ability to change your house surrounding area being fairly limited currently players will want to think outside the box by creating their own beach landscapes within the boundary of their plot for maximum effect. My favourite beach houses in Bloxburg are:

When building a beach house in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Changes to the ground area around your house to look like sand and combine it with beach themed trees (like palms).
  • Build predominately with wood and wooden tones on a raised platform.
  • Create simple sleeping areas that are connected by a larger living and kitchen area with fans to stay cool in the summer heat.
  • Modern kitchen and dining areas that are still large enough to support a family or friendly dinner party.

Bloxburg Small Starter House Ideas

For the new player a small house build is likely the place you’ll start given your limited funds from your selected Bloxburg game job to earn in game money. A starter Bloxburg house layout need not be bad though and many in the community have created impressive basic houses with a limited budget or renovated the starter house of the game. This size of home is also ideal to learn the mechanics of building in the popular Roblox game which you can then use in the larger scale buildings featured above. My favourite small houses and starter homes in Bloxburg are:

When building a small home or starter house in Bloxburg you’ll want to include features such as:

  • Limited numbers of rooms such as a studio apartment to lower costs by keeping a small house footprint.
  • Look at the costs of all decorations, there is often cheaper variations to many of the options that don’t have a significant visual difference.

Best Bloxburg House Layout Ideas: Your Guide to Building the Dream Home - Games Finder (2)

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Best Bloxburg House Layout Ideas: Your Guide to Building the Dream Home - Games Finder (2024)


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