Top 13 Best Bloxburg House Ideas (2024)

Few games on Roblox are as popular and fun as Bloxburg. Not only are you able to build your very own house, but the life sim also gives you the chance to meet up with your friends, ride vehicles, and even work your own job. Heck, it’s pretty much like real life, but without the hassle of having to pay bills… wait, you need to pay bills in Bloxburg, too? Okay, it’s just like real life, then! So, without further ado, here are the 13 best Bloxburg house ideas to help give your house a bit of inspiration.

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Best House Ideas in Bloxburg on Roblox

13.) Aesthetic Modern House Build – $15,000

In this two-storey Bloxburg house idea, Marliina has constructed a spacious and eye-catchingly delightful creation that is not only nice and modern, but pretty charming to boot. Not only is there a quaint pond in the garden, but the stylishly trimmed duo of trees, potted sunflower, and the large garage help add some additional flair. Plus, it’s a super affordable build for that price tag!

12.) Realistic Two-Story Family Home Build – $170,000

Another two-storey build, this one comes from Thymen_Builds who has managed to assemble a timeless and cosy design that feels snug and homely. We love the succulent plants dotted around, and the decor has a real classic feel about it.

11.) Futuristic House with a Curved Roof – $750,000

If you have plenty of money burning a hole in your pocket, then why not try your hand at building this insanely huge mega-mansion by Arkfinity. It even has its very own Home Movie Theater, as well as 4 spacious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Talk about luxury, right?

10.) Minimalist Villa – $59,000

This minimalist villa created by Cylito looks super comfy and modern, and boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. Only thing is, you’ll need a Gamepass for this one.

9.) Mediterranean Home – $40,000

Who doesn’t love a Mediterranean home? This one from BarbieBuilds features four bedrooms, a laundry room, an office, a bathroom, a garage, a kitchen, and a living room. A Gamepass is needed, but other than that, this one is a fairly easy-ish build to follow.

8.) Starter House (No Gamepass) – $10,000

This starter role-play house by iSky is perfect if you’re on a budget and on the hunt for a one-storey build. Not only do you not need a Gamepass to build it, but it also looks super homely to boot. Very nice!

7.) Modern House (No Gamepass) – $30,000

This modern house from iSky looks incredibly cozy and won’t break the bank, either. Also, you don’t need to worry about buying a Gamepass for this one, which is always a big plus in our books.

6.) Nordic Style House – $400,000

This stunning Nordic-style house from Toca Blox overflows with character and warmth. Unfortunately, you’ll need a Gamepass for this one, and it’s quite pricey at $400,000, but it’s worth it, for sure.

5.) Cheap Budget Home (No Gamepass) – $10,000

Another reasonably-priced budget home, this one, from Ayzria, is just lovely and cozy. Fortunately, you won’t need a Gamepass to build this beauty, and it’s nice that it’s so spacious.

4.) Winter Family Home – $82,000

Not sure about you, but I always feel coziest when it’s winter, and it’s snowy outside. This winter family home by frenchrxses is a perfect example of this. Grab a blanket and get cozy, folks!

3.) Cheap Home (No Gamepass) – $10,000

Our final budget home is from Ethrielle, and it’s a welcoming, cheerful home with lots of space and warmth. Thankfully, you won’t need too much money to build this one, and you won’t need a Gamepass, either. Get in!

2.) Luxurious Modern Mansion – $85,000

Okay, getting to the big luxurious builds now, and this lavishly constructed mansion by Arixlla is stunning to behold. You’ll obviously need a Gamepass and a lot of time and money to build it, as it’s pretty expensive, but the juice is worth the squeeze!

1.) Oasis Villa – $344,000

This gorgeous and unique Bloxburg house idea by Cylito is wonderful and has a really pleasing aesthetic. Sure, it’ll set you back quite a lot of dinero, and you’ll need a Gamepass to build a few of the features, but it’s definitely one of the coolest builds we’ve seen so far. Kudos, Cylito!

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on the ten best Bloxburg house ideas to help give your house a bit of inspiration. For more, here’s a detailed and up-to-date list of all pet values in Adopt Me, how to get all markers in Find the Markers, and all Sonic Speed Simulator codes. On the other hand, feel free to browse the relevant links down below.

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Top 13 Best Bloxburg House Ideas (2024)


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